Are you aiming for long-term vehicle ownership? Then a loan agreement or financial lease is the best alternative. If you want to operate for a set period, then the operating lease offers advantages. Check these options with your accountant, in order to make sure you benefit from the best possible deal.

Under a Scania Loan Agreement, you own the vehicle from day one! Using the vehicle as security, you pay off the loan in instalments. The benefits are:

  • Tax depreciation on your own books

  • Trade-in value – you can profit from careful maintenance and use

  • You only pay interest on the outstanding value

With a Scania Financial Lease, you may have the option to take over the vehicle at the end of the contract, and you benefit from:

  • You only pay interest on the outstanding value

  • Potential tax and VAT benefits

  • Trade-in value – you profit from careful maintenance and use

When you sign a Scania Operating Lease, you can enjoy the use of the vehicle, but without a long-term ownership commitment. You make monthly payments and return the vehicle when the contract expires. Your benefits:

  • No residual value risk – you pay for usage

  • Predictable cash flow and cash flow benefits due to fixed monthly cost

  • Monthly payment paid out of operating income and offset against taxable profits

  • Off-balance sheet financing

  • Potential VAT liquidity benefit